There are so, so, SO many details to consider when planning your wedding. One of the errors that is hard to catch ahead of time, even for me as a coordinator, are missing items from your rental order. And when things are missing, it’s a scramble (or even slightly disastrous) to deal with this on your wedding day. Here is my number one tip for making sure your rental order is in tip-top shape:

  1. When possible, go with your caterer’s rental company AND have your caterer place the order.

Most of what’s on a rental list is for the caterer’s use: plates, utensils, tables for buffet, tables for prep area, pipe and drape to hide prep area, cake plates, extra forks for cake, and on, and on, and on… If your caterer places the order, they have the best shot of covering all their bases. If they miss something and they catch it, they can call the rental company to fix it and that’s one less call you need to make!

If you’re not able to use your caterer’s recommended rental company because your venue has a preferred vendor, then make sure to have your caterer go through the rental order with you TWO WEEKS before your wedding. Caterers have multiple jobs running at the same time and usually don’t double check the rental list until a few days before your wedding. It’s extremely stressful to troubleshoot rentals days before walking down the aisle. Not to mention it’s frustrating to have last-minute costs pop up! So if you are ordering the rentals yourself, here are the different areas to review and discuss with your caterer and rental company:

  • Guest tables & chairs
  • Place settings (plates, utensils, glasses)
  • Extra plates & forks for cake/dessert
  • Linens (tablecloths & napkins)
  • Tables for caterer (buffet & prep area)
  • Tables for other things (DJ, cake table, gift table, bar, etc.)
  • Pipe & drape to hide the prep area
  • Additional lighting for the area
  • Additional bar needs (glasses, napkins, etc.)

Happy planning!


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