Oh, baby!

As you can tell by the date of my last blog post, I’ve become delinquent on my blogging. I have a good reason, though. This guy…

While I’ve got babies on the brain, it raises a great question for wedding planning: kids or no kids? There is no “right” answer, but kids as wedding guests definitely change the tone of an event. If you are planning to include kids in your wedding festivities, below are a few things to consider:

  • Kids make noise! I’m sure many of us have been to weddings where some blessed babe starts screaming during the ceremony. My observation is that guests will only feel awkward or uncomfortable if the bride, groom, and families do. At one wedding, I witnessed the palpable implosion of a mother of the bride as she tended to a restless flower girl and missed her daughter’s walk down the aisle. At another wedding, however, the officiant was reading a blessing and the ring bearer began pouting. The bride simply wrapped her arm around the little dude and things continued without a hitch. This act was not only too precious for words, it also calmed the kiddo and set a very inclusive, family-friendly tone for their day.
  • Be ready to get upstaged on the dance floor! Kids love, love, LOVE to dance. And there is almost nothing cuter than a child shaking his booty. So even though it’s “your day”, it will be their dance floor. Let the dance-off begin!
  • A group babysitter ain’t a bad idea. When you give any parent the opportunity to celebrate, have a drink, and get their groove on they are going to take it and RUN! So I can guarantee there will be a certain time during the night when there are no responsible adults in the room (except for your coordinator and vendors, of course). A babysitter allows your grown-up guests and pint-sized partiers alike to have a great time, worry-free.

If you are ready to embrace the unexpected, play things by ear, and create a family atmosphere then bring on the kiddos! If this isn’t your gig, it is completely within your right to let guests know, “While we love the little ones, this is an adults-only affair.” Some parents might be a little miffed about this, but speaking as a new parent…we will all live. Cheers to the bride and groom and a fun night out!

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