Minimergency Kit

As a wedding coordinator I am always stocking up on my emergency supply of, well, emergency supplies. The obvious list includes things like safety pins, a Tide stain pen, tissues, gum, etc. The not so obvious list includes things like duct tape, chalk (for stains on stain dresses), or cute rocks (for vases that want to tip over or programs that want to fly away). So when I laid eyes on the Minimergency kit I was excited to check it out. Here’s what I think!


  • It really does have everything you’d need for a bridal emergency
  • It’s small, so it will travel well 
  • The bag is super adorable 


  • It’s tiny…like really tiny. I saw how small it was in the picture, but it feels smaller in person. 
  • The bag is so small that once you use the 1-time deodorant wipe (for example), there is no hope of throwing in a travel-sized deodorant to replace it. 
  • It is packed so tightly that once you unpack it to use something, you might not be able to figure out how to get everything back in. It’s like bridal Jenga. Ha!

Overall it’s a really cute idea, but it is truly a one-use kind of kit. For me as a planner, it’s not quite what I was hoping for. For a cute day-of bridal gift, though, I’d give it a thumbs up.  But if you’re looking for a kit that works for the day-of and for days-to-come, keep looking or make your own. 


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