Friends & Family

Yesterday was a busy day of wedding coordinating! I coordinated a surprise wedding, where the bride-to-be was proposed to and married all in the same day. Not to mention the engagement took place in Long Beach, the ceremony was on Catalina Island, and the reception was in Newport! Despite the many moving pieces and important planning aspects of the day, this wedding was a clear reminder that one of THE most important parts of the day is friends and family. This bride and groom had the best, most supportive, most fun friends and family I’ve worked with in a while. A surprise wedding is no small feat to pull off and as one friend toasted the bride and groom, he remarked that this wedding “took a village.” That it did. And what a wonderful “village” they have!

While wedding planning is a vital part to a successful wedding day, I’m also reminded to stay focused on the important things. That, of course, is friends and family.

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