Details, Details

The list of things a wedding coordinator takes care of before and during a couple’s wedding day is long and strong.  There are vendor arrival times, room setup, tablescapes, cueing music, keeping everyone calm and happy, and on and on. But the most important thing a wedding coordinator can help with is …

A Detailed Event Timeline

The reason a detailed event timeline takes the cake in terms of importance is three fold:

1)      It ensures that absolutely every single detail has been addressed ahead of time.

When a timeline has been created properly, brides and grooms have literally combed through every. single. minute. of their wedding day. Who is doing what? What goes where? Who is showing up when? Detailed event timelines leave zero (I mean ZERO) questions about the day. That level of organization and pre-planning is just the ticket for a couple to relax and enjoy their day.

2)      It gets all your vendors on the same page. Literally.

In case you haven’t noticed, there are a million moving pieces/people for a wedding. So often vendors know what their part is, but they are in the dark about others’ timing. Detailed event timelines allow your paid professionals to operate at their best. Photographers and DJs will be especially grateful to have a solid working document to run with.

When wedding days run so smoothly, it never just happens by accident. It was clear from the beginning that Amy had taken care of business behind the scenes to ensure that nothing interrupted the bride and groom’s enjoyment of their wedding day. As a photographer I appreciated this because there were no surprises; we talked several times before the wedding and worked out everything in advance. On the day of the wedding, I actually had a little extra time for pictures, which in my industry is almost unheard of.

Eric {Paperwhite Photography}

3)      It may even allow for you to forgo (gulp) an actual wedding coordinator.

Clearly the best case scenario is to have a day-of coordinator onsite at your wedding. However, budgets don’t always allow for that. I too was a bride on a budget and all I could afford was to have a friend coordinate my special day. She is one of the most insanely organized and talented friends I have, but what can I say? I run with an exceptional crowd. Anyway! The point is if you have a great event timeline you may be able to eek by without a coordinator. I helped one bride with pre-planning and a detailed event timeline, but wasn’t able to do day-of coordination for her because I was already booked for another wedding. Here’s her take…

… the week before the wedding we sat down and she helped us figure out all the small details for the day of. She was unable to be there for the day of coordination, but the preparation she helped us with made it run smoothly.

Jackie {Bride}

So if you cannot afford a full-blown wedding coordinator for your wedding day, focus on a super detailed event timeline. And if you’re not even sure where to start for a timeline, I’d love to help.

Happy planning!

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