About Amy

Amy Bering, Event Coordinator

I started planning events when I was just 17 years old and I haven’t stopped since!  With a degree in Event Marketing and Management, I have coordinated large-scale events for Wolfgang Puck Catering & Events in Hollywood, Pebble Beach Resorts, and the American Heart Association. My love of weddings, however, takes the cake.

Getting married is a significant moment in life and I love to provide support and resources to brides and grooms so you can focus on what’s important: getting married. Instead of worrying about the logistics of the day, I want to take the lead so you, your families, and your guests can enjoy the festivities. My wedding philosophy is simple: build strong relationships, be overly organized, and make people feel good.  And I like to have a bit of fun too! Two Red Shoes is all about rolling with class and a touch of sass.

My best wishes to you as you plan your wedding! I hope to hear from you soon!

Why Two Red Shoes? 

The name Two Red Shoes comes from my own wedding where all my bridesmaids wore red shoes. It was actually one of my bridesmaids who actually came up with my company name!

Coordinating Process

In order to make your wedding day easy-breezy, the general planning outline looks like this…

  • Vision Planning: During this initial meeting or conversation, the goal is to capture the vision for your wedding.
  • Put it on Paper: This meeting entails reviewing every minute of your wedding day and coordinating the details behind each moment…resulting in a comprehensive timeline of events.
  • Communicate: Once everything is planned, this is where I kick into high gear to make sure every vendor and every person involved knows their role, their timing, and their cue.
  • Final Details: This final run-through of details is to ensure everything has been handled and to allow the bride and groom to start living it up!
  • The Big Day: The only thing the bride and groom need to know is…I’ve got this handled. Enjoy your day!

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